FKA Twigs took over post pop, indie music industry and now she is making it for fashion. Nike chose her as the latest creative director for their spring 2017 launch.

Yes! You heard me right. FKA will be the lead and creative director for the sportswear giant’s Zonar Tights collection which will take the form of an imagery series under the title of “Do you Believe in More?”. We decided to take a closer look on the artists portfolio on the collection which highlights the ability of self-expression through sports and movement.

So here is the scoop. The collection was shot in Mexico, by the 17-year-old photographer David Uzochukwu and styled by London stylist Matthew Josephs. The crowd of young people who participate in the collection was chosen by Twigs, as she recruited the ones that infuence her own work one by one, ranging from Saskia Horton, a classical violinist who also krumps to karate champion Jay Kirton who also is a passionate meditator.

Quoting her Twigs told Vogue:”Through dance, I’ve met young people who work really hard and have dedicated their lives to being active. To me they represent modern movement, which I define as exploring any genre of sport without boundaries.When Nike first came to me with this project, I saw it as an opportunity to let young people know they have the power to become the best versions of themselves. I put together a cast of 12 incredible athletes to show that it’s about what you do in fitness gear. It’s about how you train. It’s about how those things help your movement.  I wanted everyone involved to be young, talented and inspired, and that’s the kind of cast we managed to have in the campaign,” . 1020-3

Twigs did not only thought, brought to life and directed the visual of the collection but also brought in  her new song ‘Trust in me’ as a soundtrack which actually completes this ground breaking, avant-garde and full on artistic commercial. 1020-5

“It’s exciting to have created something that’s genuinely by and about young people who work hard, who are sensitive, who embrace both their strength and their vulnerabilities, and who, together, feel that they can be successful.” said the 28 year old artist, singer and performer, concluding on her work for the upcoming Nike collection which consists of state of the art, fashion sportswear pieces, in colors of dark oily green, black and white tights and athletic bustiers.

That’s all for now,

Ci Vediamo, Anna. 1020


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