Hello guys!!We’re in Thessaloniki to meet our new Streetstyle Story.Who’s that boy??

dsc_1185For this month our #STREETSYLE #STORY is Panos A. Giaxis. I met him in the summer in Sani Resort, one of the best five-star resorts in Greece and one of the best in the world.He works every summer there as a Tennis coach and he is the best coach I ever met. He is very friendly,kind and easy going coach,I always laugh with him and except of all, he becomes one of my best friends.

He is 24 years old and his passion is tennis.He plays tennis since he was 5 years,almost 19 years and he don’t want to stop because he loves that.In the winter you can find him in Thessaloniki and when he is not working as a personal trainer, he just go out with his friends or stay at home.



He loves fashion and he always pick the best outfits and I’m sure you will love his style.And if you think that’s all about him, I will tell you that there is something else you should know,  he also plays guitar and he already made many lives. Take a look at the photos below and follow him on Instagram for the whole story..his story.





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